About Us

Black Mirage is an information security consultancy dedicated to improving our clients’ security posture through rigorous testing. Our team is handpicked for their ability to think outside the box, their ethics, and their voracious appetite for knowledge. We work closely with our clients to provide an attacker’s perspective.

We care about true security, going above and beyond checkbox compliance. We understand that each client’s needs are different and tailor our approach to your systems and concerns.

What We Offer

What We Offer

Penetration Testing

Are you Interested in finding out what vulnerabilities your network and/or web applications have?
Our team of specialists will use an array of automated and manual techniques to assess your network's security posture. All of our experts have years of experience compromising systems and industry leading certifications such as the OSCP and the CEH.

Red Team Simulation

Have you ever wondered what a sophisticated adversary could do to your organization?
Our team of operators will launch an attack to test your organization’s security program. The attack will be goal-focused with predetermined objectives agreed upon beforehand. This attack can be customized for the unique needs of your organization with a variety of options including emulation of specific real world threat groups, spearphishing campaigns, physical security of sensitive systems, and more.

Social Engineering

It's a well-known fact that many large-scale data breaches start with an unsuspecting user receiving a rogue phishing email or convincing phone call. Our team will work to identify opportunities to gain access to otherwise restricted information or systems through various forms of social engineering including phishing, physical security, and intelligence gathering.
In addition to this, Our team possesses the ability to assist with personalized security awareness training. We welcome the opportunity to help spread knowledge on how to best secure your otherwise unsuspecting entry points.

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Get a quote today — provide details on your unique security needs to contact@blackmirage.sh and a security expert will reach out to you as soon as possible.